If you have an offer you're proud of, and want a classy way to sell it WITHOUT coming off as pushy, desperate, or needy…

RBD Selling System

A New & Different Way to Build a Reliable, Consistent and Lucrative

6-Figure Business from Home

Dear Reader,


It’s true...


There’s a new and different way for you to sell on auto-pilot without compromising on your values and ethics. In fact, with this approach, the more you sell, the more they'll love you.


… earning full-time income even with a “part-time” schedule from home.


It’s called the RBD Selling System. 


And it’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with because of how the system is designed to work for the solopreneur.


Meaning we use ‘recyclable’ sales materials that you create once and run over and over without feeling old. 


And as you’ll see, the game plan is already laid out for you. I turned the entire process into a game with milestones and deadlines to inject fun while you build your business -- turning a tedious experience into an exciting adventure.


Best part of all, it doesn’t require you to change out of your pajamas or even have a college degree. If you can talk with a fellow human and write at a 6th grade level, you can make this work. 


And you can use the RBD Selling System even if you’re a lifelong introvert who hasn't sold anything in his life. In fact, in some ways this can actually be an advantage. 


So, if you want to start building a sustainable, one-person, home-based selling system, you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Hi, my name is Allan Ngo…

And I'm the founder of Digital Solopreneur and Email Marketing Philippines.


I've been fortunate to work with influencers, information publishers, and 7-figure business owners and taught hundreds of aspiring and seasoned email marketers on how to effectively use email to sell their business.


I was a panelist at GoNegosyo’s 2nd Technopreneur Summit and was one of the top 10 affiliates for Ryan Levesque‘s Ask Method Affiliate Launch where I sold a Php100,000-product by sending simple emails.

But before all this...

I Failed at Both Employment AND Entrepreneurship.

The corporate life burned me out.


I started a franchise business because it was supposed to be a "sure thing".

Boy, was I in for a rude awakening.


I felt like a glorified employee bleeding cash.


… and ended up not recovering a Php1.2 million investment.


I was lost.


I struck out at employment and business.


Hindi ko na alam saan ako lulugar.


I was fast becoming an “educated bum”.


So I looked for a way to make a living that would "fit me".


I had no clue what that was. 


And I ended up doing what everybody does in this situation.


I Googled it… 


Typing in the magical words:


“How to make money online.”


… then I discovered freelancing, blogging, social media, graphics, web design, etc.


I tried most of them.


But I was still in search of something else.


… an opportunity to support my dream lifestyle…


… one I could “turn off” and still earn from…


… a path where I could grow my income without spending more time working.

That's how I discovered EMAIL.

See this book?


It changed me.


Not because I read it (although it is an awesome book) but because I SOLD it.


And it wasn't even mine.


You see, a friend gave me 3 free copies to give my audience with a link to buy the book for everyone else.


I will get a commission for every ebook sold using it.


So I wrote an email to announce this to my email list.

And when I say “email”, I’m not talking about this…


Here’s the screenshot of the actual email I sent back in 2013...

Then BOOM!

My first ever sale using email…

… where I earned a whopping…


$8!! 💪😎


I know it may sound like nothing to you but for me it felt like a million.


I really can’t explain it but making your first sale just changes you on a cellular level


It was the first time I ever realized that...

"Wow! I didn't know I can sell anything by simply being myself."

Then something surprising happened.


Sales kept coming in…. 


That's when it finally dawned on me that this wasn't a one-time thing...


One email doesn't mean one sale.


When it starts, it keeps coming.


And the more I send emails, the more money I make.


And I got all of this done while working a full-time job, having no formal writing experience, remaining clueless about technology and NEVER believing I was the type of person who can sell.


I was excited about the potential I saw here. I realized I could actually make a living out of writing emails, and that I can do this over and over.


And it made me push things a bit further…


It made me wonder if the same principles would apply in a more lucrative market like the financial industry - specifically the stock market.

Little did I know that I was about to experience…

My big break, where I became P105,766.65 richer in just 2 weeks...


This photo was taken at a surprise awarding ceremony for landing second place at Bo Sanchez’s “Truly Rich Club” (TRC) Affiliate Contest in 2016.



This contest was a big deal in the industry. And people were wondering how this nobody with zero social media following can sell so much.


So I decided to start sharing what I’ve discovered to a few friends, to see if emails will work with them, too…


When people hear the word insurance agent, their instinct is to go hide.


That's what my friend Carlo was up against every single day.

But believe it or not, he's one of the rare few, who doesn't go out hunting for prospects. Instead, prospects are the ones fighting over each other to book a call with him. 




He uses emails to go from 'just another agent' into a 'respected authority'.


People actually feel privileged to talk to him because he's positioned himself as the expert by the value he delivers with his newsletter.


Look, instead of chasing prospects around for a ‘sales presentation’, they’re booking calls to talk to him. 




You don’t have to take my word for it…


Just take a look at this offer from Zalora…


If you look closely...


They’re basically paying you Php350 for your email.


As entrepreneurs, do you think they’ll do this if they can’t get their money back?


If anything, they’re telling us that Php350 is the minimum value of YOUR email address.


Check out some familiar names who value your emails just as much…


The people "IN THE KNOW" understand how valuable emails are.


Think about it...


Not everyone is on all the social media platforms.


Most are on Facebook…


Others are snapping away on Instagram…


Some are exploring Tik Tok…


But there's one thing all of them have in common.


An email address.


It's essentially your Digital DNA.


Last time I checked... Amazon, Lazada, and Shopee WON'T let you buy unless you register with your email address first.


Food for thought, aint it?


But you may be wondering…


“Will this work for me? I mean, I’m not a writer. I’m not even good in English.”


Well, let me tell you about Billy…

An IT Professional Who Started Selling A Php499 TAGLISH Ebook in A Niche Nobody Even Knew Existed


 Just take a look at an excerpt from his best selling email here…


Yes, it’s TAGLISH.


See, language doesn’t matter. As long as you’re able to connect with your audience…


Your emails will work.


And in Billy’s case, those simple, TAGLISH emails took him from jobless to a homeowner in just a few years.

And you know what else makes this within arms reach…


It only takes less than

Php300/month ($6) to get started


Let’s do the math, shall we?


So with a traditional business: rent, salary and utility bills = mahina na ang P30,000. Pano pa yung business capital na kailangan mo, dba?


But with the RBD Selling System, what you'll need initially are just 3 things:

    1. Domain Name (approx $8.88 / Php450) = Php37.50/month


    Think of it as your address on the internet.


    Samples are Facebook.com, Google.com.


    This could’ve been free with Gmail or Yahoo but unfortunately, you can’t use free accounts to send mass emails.

      2. Webhost (approx $4.95 or Php250/month )


      If you have an address, this is the property where it stands.


      It’s like your hard drive online.


      It’s where you create your own email address like juan@juandelacruz.com


        3. Email Service Provider (Php0 - start with a free plan )


        Imagine booking Grab for your meals, well, this is the “Grab” for your emails.


        They’re basically the couriers delivering your emails to their inboxes.


        Here’s how much they cost from a few websites...

          And you know what else…


          There are ONLY 3 Steps to A Full-Time Income From A Part-Time Schedule


          And they are…


          1. Drive Traffic
          2. Get Leads
          3. Send Emails


          Before we can send emails, we have to build our list.  


          Generally, what happens is we send traffic to a sign-up form where they submit their email address in exchange for a freebie often called a lead magnet.


          Traffic can come from a simple Facebook post like the one below…

          That leads to what we call an opt-in form where the reader can submit his email address in exchange for the freebie.

          Once done he’s now part of the email list. 


          Then we enter the 3rd step... Sending Emails. 

          Now you may be wondering...


          "What do I send them"


          "Writing doesn't come naturally to me, can I do this?"


          "I have a hard time putting ideas in writing."


          "I'm afraid I might bore my reader to death"


          There's a simple answer to all those.


          And it has NOTHING to do with writing.


          Notice something about those questions? 


          It’s all about the reader. 


          My, myself and I. 


          That’s why they freeze. The pressure to come up with something catchy, witty, and relevant is too much. 


          Here’s the simple solution. 


          Stop putting the spotlight on yourself and just turn it to your reader. 

          Make it ALL ABOUT THEM.


          How are they with that silent war being waged inside their minds?


          What's that unmet desire in their hearts?


          Who do your readers really want to be?


          Talk about those.


          … and ONLY those.


          This is how you become relevant.


          This is how you get noticed.


          This is how you get these kinds of replies.


          You may be wondering what makes these emails so different?


          See, unlike most marketers, we don't "write emails"


          This is what we do instead...


          Tear a Page out of Their Diary and Read it Back to Them.


          Think about when you meet someone new…


          When you talk with them, you try and find out the things you have in common, don’t you?


          And when you get to this “common ground”, doesn’t it just make you like them even more?


          This is how you should be composing your emails…


          Written NOT to impress but to EXPRESS…


          Your #1 goal is to connect with your reader.


          Do that and your reader will go down your copy like a waterfall.


          It would feel like a warm embrace instead of a cold heartless pitch.


          Because we believe...

          The Best Sales Emails Read Like Entertainment and Recommends Like a Friend.



          And there’s also the power of Stories…


          To quote the Copy Chief, Kevin Rogers:


          “Attention is never higher, resistance is never lower when you can make people laugh.”


          The same goes for stories.


          It's the way history was told when print wasn’t around. 


          If they only spat facts, nobody would remember.


          So they told stories, so no one would forget. 


          It's in our DNA.


          When we hear stories, we listen.


          To put this to the test, I asked my subscribers to challenge me…


          Give me a product, hand me a topic and I'll write a story connecting the two.


          And boy did they bring the heat. 


                    Product: Memorial Plans


                    Topic: Pinoy Big Brother


          I knew I got my work cut out for me. 


          But here goes nothing:

          Subject: Kim, Gerald, and who?


          Ginebra! Ginebra! Ginebra!


          My friend kept posting this on Facebook (PBA finals kasi). But that wasn't what caught my attention...


          ... just below that, he shared a video of Gerald Anderson (of Pinoy Big Brother fame) playing ball.


          As in may laro talaga siya.


          It's been a long time since I watched PBB but I still remember sila ni Kim Chiu ang love team nuon.


          The thing is... I don't remember anyone else.


          Heck, I'm not even sure sino nanalo. To think sinundan ko yung show back in the day.


          There are just some things that we tend to forget no matter how interested we are. That's why I'm sending you this last-minute reminder email.


          Listen, burial plans are often the last thing that comes to mind when it comes to our financial planning. But it's the first one we regret not getting when the time comes.


          As a breadwinner, the last thing you want is to be a financial burden to your family - we understand.


          That's why as part of our VIP list, I wanted to give you one last chance to avail of our Gold Legacy Premium Plan to secure the best lot at a prime location with our pre-selling pricing.


          --> LINK <--


          Unlike these actors that come and go, you'll never be forgotten.

          You deserve to be placed where your legacy will be remembered with honor.


          --> LINK <--


          At your service,


          These types of email fuel the RBD Selling System.


          And the best way to write them is not by learning it in a classroom but by...


          Practicing Emails as You Would Your Favorite Sport


          Because when you think about it…


          You can spar ‘till you die. 


          But if you never compete when the lights are on, you won’t know what you’re made out of.


          In other words, the key things for you to do are to: learn, implement, adjust, and repeat - so you don't just improve…


          But actually change.


          And in the case of emails, you just can’t possibly know your copy is good or not unless you send it out...


          You can’t just write the “best” emails, keep them to yourself and expect people to line up in front of you, wallet in hand, hungry to buy your products.


          It just doesn’t work that way.


          People take information for granted.


          Knowledge is cheap.


          Anything you need to know is just a few keystrokes away. 


          Reports have shown that this leads to low completion rate in the 5 to 10% range.


          However, Harvard Business School implemented a way to raise completion rates to as much as 85%.


          “According to Bharat N. Anand, HBX faculty chair, the strong focus on student interaction and engagement through the platform, as well as the motivation arising from students having to pay tuition, largely drove the high completion rate.”


          Injecting a social element to learning adds a sense of excitement and peer pressure to perform.


          Plus, research has shown that making students feel “seen” through recognition and incentives tends to increase people’s intrinsic motivation.


          And of course, who can ignore our urge to magically get things done when a deadline is staring them in the face.


          Put everything together and you’ll have an environment that mimics sport more than a classroom.

          The perfect setting for adult learners to implement at the speed of instruction.


          That’s how the RBD Selling System works.


          And because you’re guided every step of the way…



          Writing "Send Ready" Emails Can Be As Easy As Copy & Paste -- in as Little as 15 Minutes

          When working, we want to achieve that flow state.


          You know the time when we're "in the zone" and nothing can stop us?

          In writing, it feels like the words and ideas are just spilling out of our fingertips and ending up a masterpiece on the page.


          And in order to achieve that, researchers believe that…


          “Inducing flow is about the balance between the level of skill and the size of the challenge at hand (Nakamura et al., 2009).”


          In short, the task must be challenging ENOUGH.


          Too easy = apathy and boredom.


          Too hard = anxiety and worry.


          Finding that sweet spot is key.




          Easy to follow templates for beginners

          While others move past these ‘training wheels’ and start writing copy from scratch — sometimes even faster than using templates.

          Then there are those who go out there and use it in real life.


          Just like Ronald who sold Php218,000 of his real estate online course in just 21 days using ‘lowly’ emails

          Now, I’d like you to imagine…


          Building a list of followers who look forward to, sing praises for and rave about your emails…


          Selling out your product, getting booked solid for months, and being treated as an authority instead of a commodity just by sending friendly emails you love writing…


          And turning this entire system on auto-pilot -- forcing you to turn off alerts because of the payment notifications.


          All while keeping your chin held high knowing that if you ever meet your subscriber on the street - you can proudly look them in the eye knowing you did right by them.


          Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?


          But isn't that how selling should be?


          Well, it is in our world.


          And it can now be in yours, too.


          ... and that's why today, I want to give you the opportunity to put the RBD Selling System to work for you by joining...


          The Home of Entrepreneurs Who Aim to Make A Positive Change in the World One Email at a Time


          This is where we help you build your one-person email selling system from scratch.


          1. Building Your List
          2. Writing Persuasive Emails
          3. Turning it into Automation


          So you can scale your business from home by simply typing on a keyboard.


          Writing friendly sales emails you'd proudly send your own family without feeling an ounce of shame.


          This is perfect for:

          • Solopreneurs who want to grow their businesses from home using simple technology without hiring anyone else

          • Sales Advisors who want a practical way to automate follow-ups with their prospects, qualify them, and only use their precious time talking to hot leads who are ready to buy

          • Personal Brands who want to scale their name using email to sell more books, courses, seminars, speaking engagements without spending anything on ads or dropping links on different Facebook groups. 

          • Side Hustlers who want an income stream they can start on their leisure time without hurting your pocket

          But even if you’re not any of the above…


          If you have an offer you're proud of, and want a classy way to sell it WITHOUT coming off as pushy, desperate, or needy…


          Inbox Society CAN work for you.


          And you get MORE inside Inbox Society than just…


          • Pre-recorded training videos, probably like the ones already piled up in your hard drive

          • Pre-written, worn-out templates, without any explanation about the principles behind them, or

          • Being handed off course material you’d probably never go through on your own



          You get to actually build your email marketing business from scratch while  we guide you from start to finish.


          Here’s a sneak peek of of what’s inside Inbox Society:

            RBD Selling System

            This is the blueprint you can use to get to your first 100 email subscribers and your first product launch through emails (even if you’ve never sold anything in your life).


            The RBD Selling System is divided into four stages where you’ll be hand-held while reaching milestones along the way.


            Below are the four stages and how you’ll be progressing with each:

            Seeker of Knowledge (SOK)

            This is your orientation.


            According to memory expert Jim Kwik, our brain is a supercomputer and our beliefs (or lack thereof) are the programs that run it.


            If your program says you're weak, incapable, and a total loser, then it doesn't matter if you have a supercomputer because it won't function.


            This is the stage where we reset those limiting beliefs into liberating truths.

            Reader of Minds (ROM)

            You’ll get to know the unspoken pains and hidden desires of your audience like the back of your hand…


            Giving you everything you need to create messages that break through the noise and get noticed.

            Builder of Tribes (BOT)

            We're not going to build just any list, but one that's made up of potential buyers using free and/or paid traffic.

            Disciple of Persuasion (DOP)

            This is where you’ll learn how to turn raw information into persuasive email copy people love to read. Hitting that “Buying Sweet Spot” whenever you hit send.

            With the RBD Selling System, you’ll also learn:

            • My Favorite Google Research Hack That Makes Any Clueless Newbie Sound Like an Expert in just 10 Minutes

            • The 6-Hour Email Template: A Short Punchy Email That Makes Readers Feel Guilty Not Replying To

            • U__ > Education: How To Create Short Irresistible Lead Magnets People Crave For (Plus, The Free Tool To Make it Look Pro)

            • How to "Hire" Mark Zuckerberg to Build Your List for Free.

            • Approaching Strangers Sucks! Discover the Perfect Opening Line to Start a Conversation and Have Complete Strangers Tell You Details Even Their Closes Family Don't Know (Hint: This is your email being written for you)

            • And so much more.

              And that’s just the beginning!


              There’s also…

              List-Building Bootcamp

              This is best for beginners with zero knowledge on the business… sort of like the prequel to a movie.


              And it has 4 modules where you’ll discover how to run an automated online business powered by email marketing.


               You’ll learn the basics of how to find out the inner most desires of your market, build a list of  qualified leads and turn these leads into happy customers who’ll gladly buy from you again and again.


               With the List Building Bootcamp, you’ll also discover:

              Module 1 - “List Building 101”

              Make your followers feel like you know them all their life right from your very first email. Learn the exact technique to deeply understand your market & you’ll never run out of content ideas & close sales twice as fast.

              • Introduction

              • New Age: Why it’s the best time to be in business today

              • The Untold Truth About Blogging (and Why It’s Sabotaging Your Success)

              • Subscribers: The Lifeblood of Your Online Business

              • Email Marketing: The Invisible Machine That Generates Revenues on Auto-Pilot (Even if You’re Terrified of Selling)

              • Exercise: The Secret Sauce to Reading Your Customer’s Mind

              Module 2 - “Email Marketing Machine”

              Make your ideal audience hang on your every word (& take their wallet out) using the timeless persuasion hot buttons that turn qualified leads into loyal customers.

              • Under the Hood: How the Human Touch is Delivered Through Email

              • LeadMagnet: How to Make Your Audience Fall in Love with You At First Sight

              • Persuasion Aikido: How to Use Human Nature to Turn Doubters Into Believers

              • Guilt-Free Selling: The Modern Way to Sell Online without Losing Your Soul

              • Angles: How to Make The Same Offer Repeatedly Without Annoying Your Audience

              • Inboxer Code: How to Write Emails that Convert

              Module 3 - “Technology Made Easy”

              Turn your system on auto-pilot. Discover how to use the power of autoresponders to turn your powerful words into non-stop sales.

              • P.I.E.R. Framework: Learn How To Make People “Lust” for your offer

              • Email Autoresponder: How to Generate Revenue like a Machine

              • Building Your Machine: How to Set-up Your Email Autoresponder

              Module 4 - "Traffic Generation"

              How to feed your email machine with high quality leads day in & day out.

              • Subscriber Magnet: How to Grow Your Email List (twice as fast) from your existing traffic

              • Landing Page Analysis

              • A Word on Traffic: Understanding the trade-off between free & paid traffic

              • Free Traffic: How to harness the power of your online assets (i.e. website, social media etc) to bring in the best leads with zero ad spending.

              • Paid Traffic: How to properly target & optimize your Facebook Ad campaign targeted specifically to build your list with hyper-targeting to make sure you only get people who are likely to buy from you.

              • Facebook Advertising Demonstration: A step-by-step walkthrough of implementing the “Cookie Crumb” methodology that guides your leads to a slippery slope directly at your product.

                  And there’s more…


                  See, the modules and bonuses I’ll outline here can be treated like the Marvel Cinematic Universe wherein the RBD Selling System is sort of like the main Avengers movie…


                  While the rest are solo movies that deep dive into specialized topics to support the RBD Selling System.


                  … just like our Masterclass and Expert Interviews

                  Once you have the foundations down, you’ll be taken to our advanced classes where we’ll teach you real world campaigns that worked wonders. 

                  They will be broken down to their simplest form for easy deployment.


                  Here’s the list of Masterclass you get instant access to:

                  8-Figure Email Sequence: How to Write Emails That Turn Lukewarm Prospects Into Rapid Buyers Every Single Time with John Pagulayan

                  Hollywood Story Telling Secrets for Entrepreneurs with Michael Hauge

                  How to Close Premium Email Copywriting Clients with Upwork with Chris Acebu

                  How to Write a High-Converting Sales Letter with Miguel Campaner

                  Referral Riches: Making People Buy Just Because You Said So 

                  Sold Out! The Secret of Making Infoproducts That Create Lifelong Customers with Sean D' Souza

                    And a lot more…

                      I’ve invited the TOP people in their fields to complement your newly developed email chops. They share their best insights with you in these interviews so you hit the ground running.


                      We’ve divided them into 3 categories: List Building, Conversion, and Growth. 

                      With the Expert Interviews, you’ll learn about:

                      Resonate: How to Create Messages that Break Through the Noise and Start a Movement with Bo Sanchez

                      How to Go from Corporate Employee to Entrepreneur Without Quitting Your Job with Edwin Soriano

                      The Rinse and Repeat Email Hacks to Produce High-Converting Email Copy in a Crowded Market with Shari Fitness

                      The Art of Handwriting Copy with Derek Johanson

                      Earn in Dollars: How to Sell Your Digital Product Internationally with Jon Orana

                      How to Create an Online Course that Sells with J3 Patino

                      Personal Branding Mastery with Marv De Leon

                      Outsourcing 101:Your Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Freelancer (even if you’ve never hired before) with Fitz Villafuerte

                      How I Used Webinars to Fire My Boss and Replace My Income in Just 2 Weeks with Jon Schumacher

                      Copywriting for Affiliate Marketers: How to Write Persuasive Copy that Turns Leads into Customers via Email with Ray Edwards

                      A Hustler's Guide to Go 0 to 1,000 Subscribers in 90 days with FREE Facebook Traffic with Nix Eniego

                      Beginner's Guide to Facebook Ads with Niña Mendoza

                      How To Flood Your Email List with Serious-Only Leads By Mastering Landing Page Copy With Carl Dexter

                      Mic Drop! How to Use Humor to Crush Resistance, Boost Attention and Laugh Yourself All the Way to the Bank with Kevin Rogers

                      List Building Beast Mode
                      How to Create a 24/7 Lead Generating Machine Using Facebook Ads with Julian Canita

                      No Money Down Podcasting with Jonathan Rivera

                      Tribe Builder: How to Build (& Sustain) A Highly-Engaged Facebook Groups in Any Niche with Jason Dulay

                      Turn Your Business Fantasies into Reality with Systems with Daise Virtudazo

                      How to Design a Course Where Students Win by Default with Luis Medina

                      SAAS Email Copywriting: The Art of Turning Free Trial Users into Paying Customers with Aiza Coronado

                      One to Many How to Use Webinars to Establish Instant Authority, Create Rabid Fans and Explode Sales with Joel Erway

                      But you just can’t do something well if you don’t have the right tools for it, can you?


                      You know what they say: “You’re only as good as the tools you use.”


                      And it’s the same with emails. You’ll need a top-of-the-line toolbox to pull from.


                      Which is why Inbox Society also gives you…

                      ​This isn’t just copy you can readily download online. You probably already have those, right?


                      Instead, these are battle-tested emails my students and I personally use regularly and generate results with.


                      What you’ll see are timeless, tried and tested subject lines, bullet points and email angles that’ll turn your writing experience form torture to pleasure.


                      Plus - You’ll also get:

                      • Php 400K Email Swipe File: The Nine-Part Email Sequence Billy Ramirez uses to crush it in a niche nobody has heard of (with just a Php 499 ebook)

                      • The 6x ROI Facebook Retargeting Ad: The exact copy I used to run a Facebook ad for one of my launches last year

                      Here’s what some of my students said when they modeled my emails:

                      And things just get better…


                      See, sometimes the best insights are taken not from structured lessons but from informal but wise and meaningful conversations


                      That’s why we have our…

                          Monthly Office Hours



                          This is where you get the chance to have turbo consultations with me.


                          Every month, we’ll get on a call with other members of the group, giving you the chance to ask me anything.


                          This also allows you to raise any pressing issues you’re having with your email marketing business and we all brainstorm to help you get through it.


                          Just like what happened with Fred…

                          And there’s also Homer...

                          “It was January when I had a chance to have a call with Coach Allan. At that time I was struggling on how I should launch my first ever web building course via a workshop.


                          … I raised all my concerns to Coach Allan, then came his advice that totally changed the way I run my business.


                          He said I should have a pre-launch to test the course… Then he gave me some advice on email marketing more specifically on the content…


                          After a week of implementation… BOOM!!! Inquiries started coming in…  My audience started to engage… And I made close to P30,000 that week.


                          Best part is… I learned that the majority of my enrollees want my course to be in webinar… Which meant no more renting of venues and other logistics stuff… After that launch… I made P103,000.00…


                          Great result for a first-timer who launched his first ever course.


                          without Coach Allan’s help, my business won’t be as big as it is right now. And hey, I already escaped the rat race and enjoying the lifestyle freedom.


                          following Coach Allan’s advice can really upscale your business fast and easy.” - Homerson Bonifacio



                          Indeed, the best lessons can be found in a a simple conversation. 


                          ...but it doesn’t stop there.

                          You also get...

                          Inbox Society Facebook Group Access

                          The community is our X-Factor.


                          Sometimes, in life, the best lessons are not learned in a classroom but through the people we meet.


                          You'll rub elbows with ambitious go-getters driven to build reach their goals.


                          Connect. Network. Learn. Help.


                          This is the place where collaborations can happen, where a simple introduction can lead to a major breakthrough, or a simple "Good job" can turn a rough day around.


                          So put all of this together…


                          And it’s easy to see why getting inside Inbox Society feels like what would happen if…


                          You Got A Copy of A Team's Secret Playbook and Have the Coach Walk You Through Each Play in Fine Detail

                          You don't even have to be a top athlete to make it happen.


                          If a shy non-techie, numbers guy (I finished accountancy) who never sold anything in his life can make this work, I have a feeling you’re going to be just fine…


                          You’ll see that selling (without selling) through emails is pretty simple.


                          And as you’re reading this…


                          … a group of solopreneurs, sales advisors, personal brands, side hustlers are already using what I teach in Inbox Society.


                          … sending emails their audience love and are spending for.


                          … earning while maintaining their reputation as “value-givers.


                          And no matter what type of business you’re running…


                          It should be pretty clear why, if you’re selling online (or offline)…

                          You desperately need to be part of Inbox Society.



                          I lost 7-figures, tweaked and tested for years, and spent at least $6,000 to engineer the RBD Selling System. 


                          I had to literally send out over 4 million emails to find out what’s working, what didn’t (and how to make them work) through YEARS of trial and error. 


                          But I don’t want you to go through all that trouble or spend all that cash…


                          That’s why I want you to join Inbox Society for an incredibly low price.


                          You don’t have to pay $6,000 (like I did with the courses I paid for)…


                          Not even $2,000 or $1,000 or $500…


                          Not even $300…


                          And the truth is… this is the first (and perhaps the last) time I’ll offer this at this price.


                          So you get EVERYTHING…

                          RBD Selling System

                          • Seeker of Knowledge

                          • Reader of Minds

                          • Builder of Tribes

                          • Disciple of Persuasion


                            • List Building Bootcamp

                            • Masterclass

                            • Expert Interviews

                            • Monthly Office Hours

                            • Facebook Group Access

                            • Email Swipe Files

                            … for the ridiculously low price of only $249 for your first year.


                            But it gets better…


                            Inbox Society costs $249 for your first entire year. If you choose to continue your membership after, each successive year can be renewed at only $159.


                            This isn’t the type of course where we ditch you after purchase. We charge per year because we get new, up-to-date content regularly.


                            Also, consider this as my way of paying you back for your trust and showing you my commitment to your long-term success.


                            See, as entrepreneurs, we play the long game. Di lang sya 1 year then jackpot ka na.


                            We need to have a systematic approach as we move from side hustling to creating elegant systems that we can leave alone.


                            That doesn't happen overnight.


                            And I want to make sure you have the support you need as you grow.


                            And this is the reason for the lower renewal fees.


                            But that’s not all…

                            Inbox Society Fast-Action Bonus​

                            If you’re one of the first 15 people who enroll, you'll get a full launch debrief on my recent…


                            Quarantine Launch:

                            How I Made Php123,307.69 At a Time When NOBODY Was Supposed to Buy While Raising Php30,807.69 for Charity (Complete w/ Email Templates) 


                            I’ll show you EXACTLY what I did and how YOU can gather a crowd of hungry customers everytime you create and sell a product. 


                            You get the works:

                            1. My Launch Strategy
                            2. Social Media Posts
                            3. Viral Campaign Walkthrough
                            4. Yes, my launch emails. 


                            And here’s the thing…


                            You don’t even have to say "yes" today...


                            All you have to say is “MAYBE


                            --- and that’s because you can put the entire Inbox Society to the test, RISK-FREE. 


                            When you sign-up, your entire investment is backed by our 30-Day, “Champ’s Honor” guarantee. 

                            Watch every video, use every template, and join all the challenges inside Inbox Society for the next 30 days…


                            After that, if you think Inbox Society isn’t worth at least 10X the price I’m asking for --- or if you’re not fully satisfied (for any reason) --- just contact me at allan@digitalsolopreneur.com and I’ll personally give you a full refund. 


                            Simple as that. 


                            Now, here’s what happens when you order...

                            Once you click on the button to join Inbox Society, you'll be redirected to a secure payment checkout screen…


                            1.  Fill in your information and once you do, click ‘Continue’…


                            2.  Click on the radio button beside ‘Billing Terms’...


                            3.  Click on "Submit Payment" to proceed


                            4.  You’ll be redirected to your PayPal account to make your payment.


                            If you prefer to pay via bank deposit or online transfer, you can send your payment of Php12,500 to any of the following bank accounts below:


                            BDO Account No.: 00227-801-1447

                            Account Name: Allan Ritchie Ngo


                            Metrobank Account No.: 645-7-645-023761

                            Account Name: Digital Solopreneur Inc.


                            BPI ACCOUNT: 9786-0800-14

                            Account Name: Allan Ritchie Ngo


                            (NOTE: Once you’ve made your bank deposit, send a photo or a screenshot of the payment confirmation via this link: digitalsolopreneur.com/pay and wait for payment confirmation. For any questions or concerns, you can email allan@digitalsolopreneur.com.)


                            Please allow 24-48 hours for payment verification. Afterwhich, you'll receive an email with your login details.

                            You’ll get access to the Members Only area, all the bonuses, Facebook group and everything in between.


                            Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll get…

                            RBD Selling System

                            • Seeker of Knowledge

                            • Reader of Minds

                            • Builder of Tribes

                            • Disciple of Persuasion


                              • List Building Bootcamp

                              • Masterclass

                              • Expert Interviews

                              • Monthly Office Hours

                              • Facebook Group Access

                              • Email Swipe Files

                                … for the ridiculously low price of only $249 for your first year.


                                Look, the way I see it, you have three options…


                                Option #1: Do nothing and stay where you are.


                                This is for you if you’re okay with missing out on the sales you would’ve gotten through writing simple emails…


                                … being at the mercy of ad platforms praying they don’t shut you down or,


                                … having to hustle for new customers every time and being content with one-time sales.


                                Then maybe you don’t need this training program. 


                                Maybe your business is doing well. It’s running by itself. And you can pretty much do whatever you want to. 


                                Maybe you have everything you need covered and I respect that. 


                                Option #2: Do it yourself.


                                Which means spending years learning, buying multiple $2,000 courses, and experimenting.


                                If you’re willing to work hard, brush off failures like it’s nothing, then maybe someday you could pull it off. 


                                And while there’s no guarantee it’ll work, you could take comfort on the fact that you didn’t have to spend a cent — only years of trial and error.


                                Option #3: Join Inbox Society now.


                                I'll show you how to use the RBD Selling System to build a reliable and consistent full-time income from home…


                                Selling out your product, getting booked solid for months, and being treated as an authority instead of a commodity…


                                Just by sending friendly emails you love writing.


                                And do all these with your dignity intact -- knowing you’re doing right by your people.




                                I know this is a big decision.


                                So let me help you.


                                Forget everything you’ve read for a second.


                                And ask yourself…


                                “Why am I reading this now?”


                                Because it sure wasn’t my writing. 


                                Here’s why. 


                                See, one thing I realize in doing this for a living is this:


                                Demand can’t be created, it can only be harnessed.


                                Meaning you already wanted to hear what I have to say, all I did was call your attention.


                                Why is that?


                                Only you can really know.


                                But generally, it can be because of an unmet goal, an unrealized potential, or an unlived life.


                                Perhaps you want to pandemic-proof your business using digital so you can (potentially) scale to 5 to 6 to even 7 figures right from home…


                                … or simply to earn enough on the side and finally treat your aging mom to a nice dinner. Something only your bunso was able to do because you’ve long been the cash-strapped panganay of the family — and it’s killing you inside.


                                Whatever it is…


                                … it got you here.


                                And the fact that you’re still with me, I believe you’re one of the special few who has the drive to make this a reality.


                                I think deep down you already know who you want to be.


                                All that’s left to do is to own it.






                                Frequently Asked Questions


                                What’s the difference between Hit Send Get Paid and Inbox Society?


                                The biggest difference is depth


                                Hit Send Get Paid is a video course that’s great for beginner to intermediate learners who are getting their feet wet in email marketing. 


                                While Inbox Society offers a wide range of training from list building, conversion, and automation.


                                One of the major advantages are the roll out of new and relevant content as well as the live challenges to help you implement lessons at the speed of instruction --- instead of allowing knowledge to gather digital dust. 



                                What’s the difference between Email Underground Intensive and Inbox Society?


                                In a nutshell… Email Underground Intensive (EUI) best fits freelancers who write emails for clients. 


                                It specializes in email copywriting and client getting strategies. It’s a program where I partnered with my good friend John Pagulayan. 


                                Inbox Society (IS) is a great fit for people who write emails for themselves. 


                                If you want to sell your own offer (product or service) then IS is for you. We cover topics such as list building, automation, branding, outsourcing which are all relevant for solopreneurs. 


                                Of course, we go deep into email copy as well. 


                                That’s something we share with EUI. 


                                Who can benefit from Inbox Society?


                                Honestly, anyone who’d like to build their business with emails.


                                It’s more a matter of good, better, best.


                                The best fit are solopreneurs who have an offer to sell (whether their own or as an affiliate). This includes freelancers who are planning to start their own email lists. 


                                Right now, the members we have inside are a mix of course creators, info-product owners, book authors, financial advisors, public speakers, online freelancers, to name a few.


                                Better are freelancers who want to offer email copy for their clients. That includes VAs or social media marketers who want to expand their offer and increase their pay. 


                                Good are total beginners with no offer yet. As one can expect, the learning curve will be longer and the process to create a product or find one to sell will take some time. Again, it’s doable but will take a longer time. 


                                Do you teach client-generation?


                                Not really. As I mentioned earlier, my focus is on helping online business owners sell more of their products/services through emails.


                                That being said, my students who are online freelancers learn a lot from what I teach inside Inbox Society but frankly, you’ll be better off enrolling in a program specifically made for freelancers.


                                What’s included in Inbox Society?


                                Inside Inbox Society


                                You’re given access to my RBD Selling System


                                It’s broken down into 4 stages, and here’s what they are:

                                • Seeker of Knowledge

                                • Reader of Minds

                                • Builder of Tribes

                                • Disciple of Persuasion

                                  And what’s more…


                                  You also get SEVEN ridiculously valuable bonuses:

                                  • List Building Bootcamp

                                  • Masterclass

                                  • Expert Interviews

                                  • Monthly Office Hours

                                  • Facebook Group Access

                                  • Email Swipe Files

                                  What if I have questions when I start going through the training?


                                  My goal with Inbox Society is to guide you through building your email marketing system from scratch and make the process as simple and easy as possible.


                                  If you do have questions, or if anything is unclear…


                                  You also get access to the Inbox Society Facebook Group where you can ask questions and I or any of your co-members will answer.


                                  There’s also the monthly Office Hours Coaching Calls which are our "turbo" consulting sessions where you can get your questions answered live on the spot.


                                  Is there a guarantee?


                                  Yes. I have a 30-Day, “Champ’s Honor” guarantee, where if you think Inbox Society isn’t worth at least 10X the price I’m asking for --- or if you’re not fully satisfied (for any reason) --- just contact me at allan@digitalsolopreneur.com and I’ll personally give you a full refund.


                                  How do I get started with Inbox Society?


                                  That part’s easy.

                                  Once you click on the button to join Inbox Society, you'll be redirected to a secure payment checkout screen…


                                  1.  Fill in your information and once you do, click ‘Continue’…


                                  2.  Click on the radio button beside ‘Billing Terms’...


                                  3.  Click on "Submit Payment" to proceed


                                  4.  You’ll be redirected to your PayPal account to make your payment.


                                  If you prefer to pay via bank deposit or online transfer, you can send your payment of Php12,500 to any of the following bank accounts below:


                                  BDO Account No.: 00227-801-1447

                                  Account Name: Allan Ritchie Ngo


                                  Metrobank Account No.: 645-3-645-02386-3

                                  Account Name: Allan Ritchie Ngo​


                                  BPI ACCOUNT: 9786-0800-14

                                  Account Name: Allan Ritchie Ngo


                                  (NOTE: Once you’ve made your bank deposit, send a photo or a screenshot of the payment confirmation via this link: digitalsolopreneur.com/pay and wait for payment confirmation. For any questions or concerns, you can email allan@digitalsolopreneur.com.)


                                  Please allow 24-48 hours for payment verification. Afterwhich, you'll receive an email with your login details.

                                  You’ll get access to the Members Only area, all the bonuses, Facebook group and everything in between.


                                  Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll get…

                                  RBD Selling System

                                  • Seeker of Knowledge

                                  • Reader of Minds

                                  • Builder of Tribes

                                  • Disciple of Persuasion


                                  • List Building Bootcamp

                                  • Masterclass

                                  • Expert Interviews

                                  • Monthly Office Hours

                                  • Facebook Group Access

                                  • Email Swipe Files

                                  … Enroll in Inbox Society now for ONLY...


                                  (Only $159/year to renew )